The origins of Musicon

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Touching the music

Kamil meets a deaf girl who hugs the double bass to listen to music with her body. The idea of building an instrument that can break down barriers is born.


Diploma at the Academy of Fine Arts

After a year of work, Kamil finishes the Musicon project and defends his diploma thesis.

He is slowly beginning to understand that his work has the potential to revolutionise early childhood education around the world.



A year full of awards

Musicon is recognised as a groundbreaking educational device and receives many awards.

We win: the Red Dot Award (Singapore), Core 77 (New York), Polish Children Design Award (Warsaw), as well as a nomination for the Index: Design to Improve Life award (Copenhagen).



Family business

Kamil and Ida’s parents have a strong conviction in Musicon – they sell the house and invest in the further development of the venture.

A meeting in Ustroń

We cross paths with Pilch from Ustroń – a high quality toy manufacturer who understands our vision and wants to help us with the production. We benefit from their rich technological facilities and manufacturing know-how.


The first Musicon is born

We are gaining speed. We set up a company and employ engineers.

We redesign Musicon, so it can be produced on a larger scale. With every day, our vision gets closer to reality.


3.5K children

After 18 months of prototyping and hundreds of sleepless nights, we are ready to face the greatest challenge – children in action.

Over 3,500 children perform intensive tests of Musicon for 9 months. By observing and talking to amused users we become certain that we are on the right track.


Premiere at the National Audiovisual Institute

This year also brings one of the most important events for our company.

Exactly on June 2nd, Musicon premieres at the National Audiovisual Institute in Warsaw. We are on a roll!!



Going out into the world

Poland is not enough, we are setting out to conquer the world. We successfully raise funds on Kickstarter.

We receive our first orders – not only from Poland, but also from 4 continents!

More acclaim

Musicon is becoming more and more famous – new awards and nominations pop up on our shelf: IF Design, Index, Reimagine Education.

Kamil is inducted into the Hall of Fame twice: he is included on the Forbes 30 Under 30 list and awarded the 8th place on the 50 Most Creative People in Business list according to the Brief magazine.


A journey through Poland

Together with Duckie Deck we set off on a trip across Poland – we visit Poznań, Kraków, Gdańsk, Wrocław and Warsaw.


First 30 units!

The first production batch is sent to customers all over the world.

We do not rest on our laurels – when the last Musicons leave our factory, we start improving and preparing the production of the next batch.


Museums around the world

Musicon appears in museums – it is added to the permanent exhibition in Warsaw and Wrocław, as well as The other side of things exhibition in the National Museum in Kraków. It is also invited abroad: to the Speelklok Museum in the Netherlands and the Scitech Museum in Australia.

Cieszyn – Dubai – London

Further distinctions and awards:

  • We are one of the finalists of GESS Education in Dubai.
  • We receive the Silesian Icon special award from Zamek Cieszyn, which makes us particularly happy – after all, Musicon was created in this city.
  • We qualify to the finals of the largest educational competition in the world – Bett Award 2019.


Methodology and trainings

And probably the most important thing – in cooperation with the Academy of Music in Łódź, we begin to create scenarios and materials for teachers using Musicon in their classrooms.

We meet with teachers and therapists. We conduct trainings, webinars and supervisions.

Using Musicon in any facility becomes even easier and more effective!


We start to cooperate with a distributor

Musicons are added to the catalogue of Moje Bambino – the largest distributor of educational equipment and aids in Poland.

Little big discoveries

We observe children playing with Musicon and test new solutions. The daughter of one of the founders – 11-year-old Tosia – transforms Musicon into a big geoboard. We create series of games with rubber bands and new lesson plans.


We start our research in the field of therapy

We launch a research project co-financed by the National Center for Research and Development, called “M-Therapy – an innovative therapeutic set for children and adolescents with disabilities and dysfunctions, eliminating barriers in education”. The project lasts 3 years and ends with an experiment involving the participation of 300 children.

We operate online

The COVID-19 pandemic prompts us to explore the world of remote trainings and workshops. We create a database of instructional videos. We still regularly prepare facilities to work with Musicon, but this time we use cameras and instant messengers.


Fun with nursery rhymes

Musicon’s ecosystem is constantly growing. We create “Rytmowanki” (“Nursery rhythms”) – poems and songs in the form of a CD and a songbook.

Musicon at the EXPO in Dubai

Musicon is part of the exhibition at the Polish Pavilion at EXPO 2020 in Dubai.

For 6 months, all visitors to the EXPO area will be able to play with the device and take part in workshops. The MusiconClub Team will also perform live to celebrate the International Children’s Day.

Family company

Over 40 people are now working on the success of Musicon!

We hire new people, create an after-sales department, and hire employees responsible for content marketing. We are growing in strength!

Kamil Laszuk
Ida Laszuk
Jakub Kozik
Natalia Komar-Piątyszek
Jolanta Laszuk
Witold Laszuk
Ania Prokopczuk
Magda Pietrewicz
Marcin Zarówny
Tomek Zarówny
Krzysztof Klimczak
Kasia Trojańska
Zuza Jastrzębska-Krajewska
Filip Laszuk
Natalia Kwiatkowska
Paulina Raczyło
Agnieszka Rahimi
Piotr Borucki
Roman Pilch
Piotr Bujok
Luiza Kwiatkowska
Paulina Kowalik
Paulina Lewandowska
Sławek Kowalski

What’s next?

We implement various ideas we have had in our minds.

We add new modules to Musicon, not only for music, but also for teaching physics, mechanics, conducting gymnastics classes or staging plays.

We produce more Musicons and create new products from the M family, we develop the database of scenarios and the subject of classes during which Musicon becomes an effective teaching aid.



The world

Musicons appear in every school and kindergarten around the world.

We support the development of creativity, imagination and key competences of every child in the world, from an early age.

This goal is our mission and every day we try to get as close to it as possible.

But that’s not all! Visit out blog and find out about additional ideas for using Musicon.

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