An analog computer and a multi-sensory laboratory

Meet a mysterious machine that captivates both children and adults.

or arrange a video presentation

or arrange a video presentation

Musicon EXH — who is it for?

We created it especially for museums and for exhibition purposes.

Musicon EXH is a device that encourages both children and adults to interact with it.

Musicon EXH is a solution for:

Museums looking for interactive exhibits, so that children and adults can explore the world of music and programming on their own.

Science centres looking for modern devices that will allow the visitors to explore the secrets of the world of science and art.

Playrooms looking for a learning and entertainment device made of high-quality materials and compliant with the Montessori Method.

Children who are naturally curious about the world and love to experiment creatively with or without instructions.

What are the origins of Musicon EXH?

A modern update to Leonardo da Vinci's Tamburo Meccanio

500 years later, a project created by a genius continues to inspire children and adults to discover new things.

Musicon will allow you to program not only the rhythm section, but also a melody or a sequence of pictures.

An analog computer modeled on the Jacquard machine

200 years ago it was one of the elements of the industrial revolution.

Musicon, like the Jacquard mechanism, is based on a binary system, where an unpressed button = 0 and a pressed button = 1.

A large barrel organ with the ability to regulate the tempo and number of stimuli

Mechanical musical toys have inspired and stimulated the imagination of children for hundreds of years.

Musicon EXH combines the children’s love of music and the need to create and modify the effect on their own.

Musicon EXH – what is it?

It is a revolutionary device that allows children and adults to independently explore the world of music and programming without the need for a manual.

It is fully analog, safe and made of high-quality natural materials.

The device has received many awards around the world

Musicon has been appreciated both for its values combining education and fun, as well as its timeless design.

Proven design that does not require specialised maintenance

It’s ready to use out of the box, the instruments do not go out of tune, and children and adults can intuitively use it without having to study the manual.

A unique experience that works well for organised groups

Musicon EXH is adjusted for school groups. The educator does not have to be a programmer to introduce them to the world of programming, or a musician to teach them how to compose.

How is Musicon EXH implemented?

We know that you need full conviction before you decide upon new devices and exhibits.

This is why we introduce exhibition facilities to the process of working with Musicon.


We guarantee trainings for animators and educators working with Musicon.

We share ready-made ideas for activities with large and small groups.


We will provide ready-made lesson plans for organised groups from 1 to 101 years of age.

They can be adapted to the profile of the institution and the given thematic key.

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We give you the option to choose either an on-site or remote maintenance service.

  • We guarantee trainings for animators and educators working with Musicon.
    We share ready-made ideas for activities with large and small groups.

  • We will provide ready-made lesson plans for organised groups from 1 to 101 years of age.

    They can be adapted to the profile of the institution and the given thematic key.

  • We give you the option to choose either an on-site or remote maintenance service.

Musicon EXH is used by museums all over the world

Musicon EXH has already found its way to permanent exhibitions in museums around the world.

Exhibition facilities

Musicon is a laboratory where you can independently experiment with sound, image, texture and process design.


Musicon is a unique analog instrument that allows you to compose music and then hear, see and touch it.

Thematic museums

Musicon can be part of an exhibition on a variety of subjects: from technology, through design and musical instruments, to mechanical toys.

Discover Musicon’s secrets

Find out what components form the Musicon and how it works.

They work just like the mechanism in a pen.

The colours make it easy to tell if a button is pressed (1 in programming) or not (0 in programming).

All modules are attached magnetically.

You can easily swap them even while Musicon is turning.

The tempo of each song can be easily controlled by moving the lever.

The adjustment range is smooth and very wide: from 36 to 144 bpm.

The instrument keys can be played in a similar way to, for example, a piano.

This element is independent of the rotation of the drum and allows the sound to be produced also when not attached to Musicon.

The small screen on the side of the Musicon allows you to track the tempo changes.

This allows older children to use it for more advanced logic-based games and activities.

Musicon is equipped with a controller, motor and optical sensor.

They ensure full control, rhythm repeatability and safety.

See what Musicon users have to say about it

Musicon is a multi-tasking educational tool that constantly surprises me with its versatility, draws me in thanks to its potential and intuitive use. The team of experts who support the development of the educational method to be used with Musicon is also invaluable — it’s a group of positive and creative people, professionally experienced in many areas and passionate about education.

Olga Szałamacha
Yamaha Music School Poznań

A revolution in education is coming. And it's called Musicon.


What’s included in the Musicon EXH package?

Musicon EXH is an easy-to-use device for programming and independent exploration of the world of musical, mathematical and graphic sequences. It consists of four elements:

Musicon and instruments

A comprehensive educational tool and a set of five indispensable instruments.

Trainings and scenarios

Ready-made activity ideas for animators and educators, created for organised groups of all ages.

Improved battery life

Double battery capacity will allow you to host outdoor events with Musicon.

On-site maintenance

Access to professional maintenance service at the customer's facility or the possibility of immediate repair thanks to remote consultations.

All this for 24,499 PLN

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We will help you find the funds to buy Musicon.

Our customers purchased Musicons thanks to careful budget planning. We can help you with that.
Call or write to us for details.

Our successes around the world

100% money-back guarantee

To prove that we take your concerns very seriously, the first 30 days of using Musicon are free of charge.

If you decide that for some reason you’re not satisfied with Musicon, we will refund 100% of your money. Just let us know about your decision, and we will refund the money back to your account.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Musicon Home is a version of our device suitable for learning and playing at home. If you have questions about Musicon Home, please call Natalia on 517 115 550

Each version of Musicon is intended to be used differently. Musicon Home is a solution suited for home use, Musicon EDU is a device adapted to educational institutions, Musicon ONE is an instrument for nurseries and toddler clubs, Musicon CARE is a set designed to work in therapeutic facilities, and EXH is extra durable and perfect for exhibitions, shows or playrooms.

The standard warranty period is 24 months. The exception here is Musicon EXH for which we provide a 12-month warranty.

We send Musicons by courier. We use several courier companies – if you have preferences regarding which one to choose to deliver Musicon to you – please contact us.

Write or call us – we will try to choose the best option for you, and maybe even create a set tailored to your needs.

Arrange a presentation to learn how Musicon works.

We will not use your number for marketing purposes. We will simply contact you to arrange a presentation date.