Multi-sensory education and competences of the future

Learn about a revolutionary method of working with pupils that turns them into explorers, seekers and artists.

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Musicon Edu – who is for?

We’ve created it especially for educational institutions that care about the harmonious development of children.

If you’re looking for methods to implement the core curriculum in a way that’s natural and offers your pupils a considerable degree of freedom, Musicon Edu will guide you through it.

Musicon Edu is a solution for:

Institutions that want to increase the level of satisfaction with education among children, parents and teachers.

Head teachers who care about providing students with a balance between the analog and digital world.

Teachers who want to develop their competences and conduct activities that the children love.

Children who are naturally curious about the world and learn most effectively through play, which translates into greater involvement.

What are the effects of using Musicon Edu?

Competences of the future and musical development

Thanks to Musicon Edu, children are eager to develop programming, math, planning and cooperation skills.

Children’s natural love for music means that they use Musicon intuitively. Their imagination is then limitless.

Certified Masterclass trainings

Musicon Edu also means guaranteed access to the qualification improvement program for all teachers in the institution.

At the end, they are awarded certificates that will help them develop their professional careers.

Ready ideas for any occasion

The lesson plans we have created don’t require any prior preparation from teachers. They don’t have to be programmers to teach coding or musicians to teach composing.

All Musicon Edu materials have been prepared by specialists and tested by children.

Musicon Edu – what is it?

It’s a friendly musical instrument, designed to meet the natural cognitive needs and support the psychophysical and cognitive development of children from the age of three.

It’s made of high-quality natural materials and is fully analog to provide comfort of use and balance in a world full of screens.

Multi-sensory laboratory

Musicon does not judge and allows you to independently examine the effects of your actions using different senses.

Educational method

Allow children to be involved in the educational process in a way that’s natural for them and in line with their developmental needs.

Constantly developed ecosystem

Meet the tool that grows with your pupils. We research and design new modules and create lesson plans in line with the core curriculum.

How is the Musicon Edu method implemented?

We introduce institutions to the process of using Musicon and the methods we have developed.

We will help you to naturally introduce our tool into the everyday activities of teachers.


We guarantee certified trainings for teachers who will use Musicon. We run them using the workshop method.


We provide materials for conducting classes. Teachers will receive, among others, a textbook, lesson plans, scores and worksheets.


Together with supervisors, teachers will work through individual and unusual challenges that they will encounter at work.

  • We guarantee certified trainings for teachers who will use Musicon. We run them using the workshop method.

  • We provide materials for conducting classes. Teachers will receive, among others, a textbook, lesson plans, scores and worksheets.

  • Together with supervisors, teachers will work through individual and unusual challenges that they will encounter at work.

Compatibility with different teaching methodologies:

Montessori, STEAM, Gordon and Waldorf Education.

Enables error checking

Children can find errors on their own, strengthening their sense of agency.

Provides space to discover

Musicon is a tabula rasa (a blank slate) that gives you freedom to express your creativity.

Invites you to have fun

Modular construction and design enable intuitive interaction.

Discover Musicon’s secrets

Find out what components form the Musicon and how it works.

They work just like the mechanism in a pen.

The colours make it easy to tell if a button is pressed (1 in programming) or not (0 in programming).

All modules are attached magnetically.

You can easily swap them even while Musicon is turning.

The tempo of each song can be easily controlled by moving the lever.

The adjustment range is smooth and very wide: from 36 to 144 bpm.

The instrument keys can be played in a similar way to, for example, a piano.

This element is independent of the rotation of the drum and allows the sound to be produced also when not attached to Musicon.

The small screen on the side of the Musicon allows you to track the tempo changes.

This allows older children to use it for more advanced logic-based games and activities.

Musicon is equipped with a controller, motor and optical sensor.

They ensure full control, rhythm repeatability and safety.

Learn what other Musicon Edu users think of it

To say that MUSICON is a musical instrument is to say nothing. Not only will it play when we "tell" it to, it will also massage our back, improve our fingers, develop our coding skills, tap out the beat and tempo, facilitate and encourage learning arithmetic and geometry... Believe me. This device can do even more.

Employees of NORW Rafa
rehabilitation and education centre in Wodzisław Śląski

We would like to thank [...] the Musicon company for giving us the opportunity to acquire such a wonderful instrument that will enrich so many activities: music, physical exercises, mathematics, Polish studies, English, art, speech therapy, activities related to fine and gross motor skills, eye-hand-movement coordination, relaxation, therapy and other. Because the only thing Musicon won’t do for you is to cook you dinner.

Joanna Misztal
kindergarten director

What is included in the Musicon Edu package?

Musicon Edu is a device, method and system for conducting classes. It consists of four elements:

Musicon and instruments

A comprehensive learning tool and a set of five indispensable instruments.

Educational materials

Lesson scenarios and worksheets to support the regular use of our method.


Certified Masterclass training for teachers. We adapted them to the core curriculum.


We will solve individual and unusual challenges that you will meet when working with children with different needs.

All this for 19 899 PLN

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We will help you find funds to buy Musicon.

Our customers purchased Musicons thanks to funding or careful budget planning. We can help you with that.

Call or write to us for details.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Musicon Home is a version of our device suitable for learning and playing at home. If you have questions about Musicon Home, please call Natalia on 517 115 550

Each version of Musicon is intended to be used differently. Musicon Home is a solution suited for home use, Musicon EDU is a device adapted to educational institutions, Musicon ONE is an instrument for nurseries and toddler clubs, Musicon CARE is a set designed to work in therapeutic facilities, and EXH is extra durable and perfect for exhibitions, shows or playrooms.

The standard warranty period is 24 months. The exception here is Musicon EXH for which we provide a 12-month warranty.

We send Musicons by courier. We use several courier companies – if you have preferences regarding which one to choose to deliver Musicon to you – please contact us.

Write or call us – we will try to choose the best option for you, and maybe even create a set tailored to your needs.

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