How Musicon works

Musicon works similar to a barrel organ, with the difference that the child becomes a composer.

They work just like the mechanism in a pen.

The colours make it easy to tell if a button is pressed (1 in programming) or not (0 in programming).

All modules are attached magnetically.

You can easily swap them even while Musicon is turning.

The tempo of each song can be easily controlled by moving the lever.

The adjustment range is smooth and very wide: from 36 to 144 bpm.

The instrument keys can be played in a similar way to, for example, a piano.

This element is independent of the rotation of the drum and allows the sound to be produced also when not attached to Musicon.

The small screen on the side of the Musicon allows you to track the tempo changes.

This allows older children to use it for more advanced logic-based games and activities.

Musicon is equipped with a controller, motor and optical sensor.

They ensure full control, rhythm repeatability and safety.

Analog computer

Mathematics and music are two sisters, and musical notes are the ancestors of binary notation.

Musicon will allow your child to explore the world of rhythm, regularity, discover the process of repetition in coding and teach them to create a whole out of smaller pieces.

An error in programming code is like a false note in a song. By playing with the Musicon, children learn to spot and correct such errors.
Jakub Kozik
Co-founder of Musicon

Safety and ergonomics

You do not need a special training to use Musicon — just unpack and plug it in (it uses a safe 12V power supply). Then, gently twist the drum to turn on the device. That’s it!

Musicon is equipped with mechanical and electronic safety systems to ensure a carefree and pleasant use.

We took care of every detail of the execution

We carefully, manually adjust all instruments to ensure the highest sound quality.

We focus on Polish quality and local production. We order the components from the best manufacturers of musical instruments.

We check every single button. We sleep soundly thanks to the three-stage quality control process, ensuring the reliability of the device.

Natural, very durable materials

We use various types of wood to produce individual Musicon elements due to their unique technological qualities.


Beech is a Polish material with exceptionally good machining properties. Uniform, durable and soft to the touch.

The following are made of beech:
  • all elements in the color of wood,
  • Musicon drum,
  • wheels.

Birch does not chip, does not warp and has a relatively low weight, high elasticity and strength.

The following are made of birch:
  • all white sides,
  • vertical elements of instrument pushers.

Sycamore is a material used in professional musical instruments due to its acoustic qualities.

The following are made of sycamore:
  • all instrument marbles.

Colours that harmonise with any space

The dominant white and the natural colour of wood make our device suitable for any interior and at the same time enrich the space, regardless whether it’s used in a school, museum exhibition or therapeutic studio.

We work with colour with great precision, just like we do with sound. It has an informative and aesthetic function, but does not become a distraction.


See the different versions of Musicon

Musicon Care

One device for many different disorders
Certified Masterclass trainings and tutor’s support
A method that builds independence and a sense of agency

Musicon Edu

Competences of the future and musical development
Certified Masterclass trainings
Ready-made activity ideas for every occasion

Musicon One

Natural development of cognitive functions from an early age
Music classes combined with physical games
Contact with live music

Musicon Exh

A laboratory of multi-sensory experiences

A device that has received many awards around the world

An experience that works for organised groups

Musicon Home

Learning to code without a computer

Simultaneous work on many senses

Exercising attention and concentration

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