Exploring the world and developing motor skills thanks to the power of music

Meet a device that helps the youngest ones discover the world in a natural and fascinating way.

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Musicon One — who is it for?

We have created it especially for nurseries and toddler’s clubs who care about the musical development of children.

It allows the youngest children to interact with instruments and experience high-quality live music.

Musicon One is the solution for:

Institutions that want to support creative thinking in a modern way at an early stage of children's development.

Directors who know that the musical development of the youngest children and learning through experience are key.

Teachers who want to develop their competences and conduct activities that the children love.

Children who have a natural need to create music and want to learn new skills in a safe environment.

What are the effects of using Musicon One?

Child's motor development

Moving to music is a natural activity for young children. Thanks to Musicon One, they can dance, exercise and have fun in the company of high-quality live sounds.

Musical dialogue

Making music with children in a nursery is about dialogue and interacting with them, which significantly affects their speech development.

Musicon One allows the teacher to introduce music as a natural and permanent element of the day cycle in the nursery or toddler’s club.

Experiencing music on multiple levels

Music is something abstract, and experiencing it on an auditory and emotional level allows you to develop creative thinking.

Musicon One also allows children to see and touch music in a way that is completely new to them.

Musicon One — what is it?

It is a friendly musical instrument designed to support the psychophysical and cognitive development of pre-kindergarten children.

Fully analog and made of high-quality materials, Musicon One accompanies children in their first steps into the world of music.

Natural development of cognitive functions

Children who create music from an early age remember new words faster and combine them into sentences more easily.

Musical activities also affect the concentration and auditory attention of toddlers, which translates into their later success at school.

musicon jak dziala
Music classes combined with physical games

Physical activity is extremely important for the youngest children.

Musicon ONE naturally improves toddlers' sense of balance and coordination, which translates into their proper psychophysical development.

one zajecia muzyczne
Contact with live music

Natural sounds from live instruments are perceived differently by the brain compared to sounds that have been electronically processed.

Musicon ONE allows you to adjust the stimuli, modify the melody in terms of the number of sounds, tempo or rhythmic complexity, which is simply not possible when using ready-made backgrounds or samples.

How do we implement the Musicon One method?

We introduce institutions to the process of using Musicon and the methods we have developed.

We will help you to naturally introduce our tool into the daily activities of teachers and tutors.


We guarantee certified trainings for teachers who will use Musicon. We run them using the workshop method.


A coursebook that introduces the method and shows how to use Musicon in the daily work of a teacher and tutor in a nursery.

ikona musicon zielony 100
Educational materials

Lesson plans, scores for over a dozen nursery songs, additional elements, colouring books, worksheets.

  • We guarantee certified trainings for teachers who will use Musicon. We run them using the workshop method.

  • A coursebook that introduces the method and shows how to use Musicon in the daily work of a teacher and tutor in a nursery.

  • Lesson plans, scores for over a dozen nursery songs, additional elements, colouring books, worksheets.

Compatibility with different teaching methodologies:

Montessori, STEAM, Gordon and Waldorf Education.

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It enables the social development of toddlers

Playing music in a group creates a space for social development, and dancing and singing together brings children closer.

Develops the sensitivity and expression of children

Children experience music not only by listening to it, but also through touch, movement, or influencing its tempo.

Builds a sense of agency

Thanks to the possibility of manipulating and modifying the music when working with Musicon, children develop their sense of agency.

Discover Musicon’s secrets

Find out what components form the Musicon and how it works.

They work just like the mechanism in a pen.

The colours make it easy to tell if a button is pressed (1 in programming) or not (0 in programming).

All modules are attached magnetically.

You can easily swap them even while Musicon is turning.

The tempo of each song can be easily controlled by moving the lever.

The adjustment range is smooth and very wide: from 36 to 144 bpm.

The instrument keys can be played in a similar way to, for example, a piano.

This element is independent of the rotation of the drum and allows the sound to be produced also when not attached to Musicon.

The small screen on the side of the Musicon allows you to track the tempo changes.

This allows older children to use it for more advanced logic-based games and activities.

Musicon is equipped with a controller, motor and optical sensor.

They ensure full control, rhythm repeatability and safety.

Find out what Musicon One users have to say about it

Co zawiera pakiet Musicon One?

Musicon One to urządzenie, metoda i system do prowadzenia zajęć. Składa się z czterech elementów:

Musicon and instruments

A comprehensive educational tool and a set of indispensable instruments and additional elements.

Coursebook on music teaching

The most important issues related to the multi-sensory development of children and introducing Musicon to nurseries.

Educational materials

Scenarios of activities and games, scores of nursery and kindergarten songs, colouring books and cutouts.


Certified trainings and consultations for teachers. We share ready-made ideas for games with children at nursery age.

All of this for 5.490,00

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Musicon Home is a version of our device suitable for learning and playing at home. If you have questions about Musicon Home, please call Natalia on 0048 517 115 550

Each version of Musicon is intended to be used differently. Musicon Home is a solution suited for home use, Musicon EDU is a device adapted to educational institutions, Musicon ONE is an instrument for nurseries and toddler clubs, Musicon CARE is a set designed to work in therapeutic facilities, and EXH is extra durable and perfect for exhibitions, shows or playrooms.

The standard warranty period is 24 months. The exception here is Musicon EXH for which we provide a 12-month warranty.

We send Musicons by courier. We use several courier companies – if you have preferences regarding which one to choose to deliver Musicon to you – please contact us.

Write or call us – we will try to choose the best option for you, and maybe even create a set tailored to your needs.

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