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Musicon CARE


The Musicon CARE set is the most comprehensive package for schools and therapeutic centres. It contains music modules, a picture module and additional elements along with scenarios and proposals for activities.

What is included in the Musicon Care package?

Musicon Care is a device, method and system for stimulating the child’s psychophysical development. It consists of four elements:

Musicon and instruments

A comprehensive therapeutic tool and a set of five indispensable instruments.

Additional modules

The Digit picture module together with exercise scenarios, a “Connect the dots” hand therapy set and auxiliary tapes.

Materials and trainings

In order to help you achieve your therapeutic goals and take full advantage of the method, we support you with materials and free trainings.


Free supervisions, thanks to which we will solve individual and unusual challenges of therapists working with Musicon.

More information

The Musicon Care set is an innovative device with 5 musical instruments, a picture module and a package supporting the work of teachers and therapists in schools, kindergartens and therapeutic centres.

It can be used in pedagogical therapy, SI therapy, vision therapy, SST training, speech therapy and many others. Thanks to a variety of activity scenarios, both for groups and individuals (1 on 1 sessions), it will work well both in a therapy office and in a large centre or school.

Musicon CARE users can also take advantage of free tutor/therapist advice related to the use of Musicon in therapy and supervision meetings.

The Musicon Care set includes:

  • Musicon CARE,
  • 5 instruments (drum, mill, D-G keys, C-C keys, dodo),
  • Digit – a non-musical picture module with activity scenarios,
  • plain waterproof cover,
  • power supply unit,
  • 3 puppets,
  • textbook for teachers and therapists,
  • set of group games,
  • printed CARE lesson plans,
  • printed EDU lesson plans,
  • colouring books, cutouts,
  • M-notebook,
  • set of tapes + additional tape with colors,
  • “Connect the dots” hand therapy kit,
  • online training for two at the Musicon office (Warsaw/Poznań),
  • participation in two group supervisions,
  • 5 hours of consultation with the therapeutic tutor
  • weight: 50 kg (110 lbs)
  • power supply: 18V 1.67A adapter, battery supply – up to 12 hours of work on a single charge


  • a lever for smooth regulation of the tempo (36-144 BPM),
  • 640 buttons (8 full bars during one complete spin),
  • magnetic frame,
  • mechanical clutch and computer – double safety,
  • pace screen,
  • CE and PN-EN 71,
  • 6 modules: C-C keys, D-G keys, drum, mill, dodo, the Digit picture module,
  • Materials: beech wood, birch plywood, beech plywood, stainless steel, plastic (ABS).

Yes, Musicon Home is a version of our device suitable for learning and playing at home. If you have questions about Musicon Home, please call Natalia on 0048 517 115 550

Each version of Musicon is intended to be used differently. Musicon Home is a solution suited for home use, Musicon EDU is a device adapted to educational institutions, Musicon ONE is an instrument for nurseries and toddler clubs, Musicon CARE is a set designed to work in therapeutic facilities, and EXH is extra durable and perfect for exhibitions, shows or playrooms.

The standard warranty period is 24 months. The exception here is Musicon EXH for which we provide a 12-month warranty.

We send Musicons by courier. We use several courier companies – if you have preferences regarding which one to choose to deliver Musicon to you – please contact us.

Write or call us – we will try to choose the best option for you, and maybe even create a set tailored to your needs.

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