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The Musicon EDU set is an innovative device with five instruments and a full package of educational materials for use at work in educational institutions.

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Musicon EDU is a groundbreaking educational tool that develops creativity. It’s perfect for teaching programming and composing to children from the age of 3. The Musicon EDU set is the most complete package for use in preschool and school education.

The Musicon EDU set includes:
  • Musicon EDU,
  • 5 instruments (drum, mill, D-G keys, C-C keys, dodo),
  • waterproof cover,
  • power supply unit,
  • 3 puppets,
  • teacher’s manual,
  • set of group games,
  • printed EDU lesson plans,
  • colouring books, cutouts,
  • M-notebook,
  • a set of 5 tapes,
  • training for two at the Musicon office (Warsaw/Poznań).
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Musicon EDU:

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  • weight: 50 kg (110 lbs)
  • power supply: 18V 1.67A AC adapter, battery supply – up to 12 hours of work on a single charge
  • a lever for smooth regulation of the tempo (36-144 BPM),
  • 640 buttons (8 full bars during one complete spin),
  • magnetic frame,
  • mechanical clutch and computer – double safety,
  • a screen for tracking the tempo,
  • CE and PN-EN 71,
  • 5 modules: C-C keys, D-G keys, drum, mill, dodo,
  • Materials: beech wood, birch plywood, beech plywood, stainless steel, plastic (ABS).
Musicon and instruments

A comprehensive learning tool and a set of five indispensable instruments.

Educational materials

Lesson scenarios and worksheets to support the regular use of our method.


Certified Masterclass training for teachers. We adapted them to the core curriculum.


We will solve individual and unusual challenges that you will meet when working with children with different needs.

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